Greetings and Salutations prominent readers of the blog,

I hope you tuned in on Friday, Robert Louis Stevenson stopped by to chat with Digger. I understand he stayed long after the wine ran out regaling Digger with stories of the after life. Don’t you find Digger to be a bit like brussels sprouts, off-putting at first, but worth the effort, because once you clean your plate, dessert is served.

I know I’ve been slacking of late, but to be honest three posts a week is a lot, even if I do pawn Fridays off on Digger. Incidentally, it would appear he’s more popular than I am. I don’t get it. He’s abrasive, rude, and condescending. All he does is sit about that old cemetery and talk to dead people. I mean how hard is that?

I should have let you know why I wasn’t here Monday and Wednesday. I had to get out-of-town at the last-minute. Something came up. Literally, the dead came up out of the ground. There’s nothing scarier than a horde of zombies with the scent of a fresh spleen, especially when that spleen belongs to yours truly. Which is why we’re meeting in the Monastery Of The Werewolf Monks. The monks have assured me we will be safe here.

So if you’re all settled in let me begin by saying we’re out of time for a story. Today we’re going to discuss cliché’s. You know all those clichés about ‘time’? Like: time is fleeting, time heels all wounds, only time will tell, time is of the essence, time waits for no man, in the nick of time, all in due time, time after time, at all times.

I could go on and on because, I’ve got time on my hands, but time is running out, so let’s make time. Making time; what the hell does that even mean? You can be ahead of your time, and behind the times, but not at the same time. You can bide your time and have the time of your life. There is the appointed time, to keep time, or you can live on borrowed time.

(I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I am)

Time can be ripe, or it can be money, as the time is ripe and time is money.

For writers, clichés are the quicksand of language. (I’m going somewhere with this I promise) Time and again, (there’s another one) writers are cautioned not to use clichés and yet you can’t put time in a sentence without risking the use of a cliché. However, that is the job of any writer worthy of the title. Do we falter? Continuously. But try we must, not to fall into the quicksand. I admit I am guilty of this infraction. So for this I throw myself on the mercy of the court and ask for lenience. My point here is (I told you this was going somewhere) that writers are not perfect, but we do our best to spin a worthy tail and follow the thousands of mind numbing rules that the industry imposes. So forgive us our indiscretions, allow for the misplaced comma, or the occasional cliché and instead, enjoy the story. Because in the end the story is what attracts us like a moth to the fire. The story is the reason we stay up past a reasonable hour, even when work looms on the coming dawn like an opposing army.

Today’s quote is from Stephen King: “To write is human, to edit divine.”

See you next week, one last thing, don’t accept a dinner invitation that smells of fresh cemetery soil.

Thanks for tuning in.

Dave Benneman

P.S. Ive seen Digger lurking about so be sure to stop by tomorrow to see what he’s up to.

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