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Aye, Digger at your service. I feared that loathsome, whoreson of a yellow dog, Dave t’was goin’ to try and take over Friday again and deprive you worm-meats of a pleasant visit with yer old pal Digger. to keep him out of our hair I’ve agreed to share this link with you./

Debbie is a sassy wench, who as it turns out was born on Friday the 13 in October. In any case, she is a respected writer of all things scary and macabre (unlike that git Dave) who has somehow convinced her to publish one of his stories for her All Hallows Eve celebration. Head on over to check out the giddy lass. And do pick up some of her wonderful books.

Curiously Dark Tales
By Debbie Christiana

Supernatural beings and the evils of humanity come alive in these six, grim, dark tales with a twist. 99 cents on Kindle.

Purchase yours now, because I know where you live, and nobody wants an unannounced visit from Digger.




By my reckoning, It’s time we met this weeks guest. Let’s traipse o’er to the unconsecrated section of the cemetery to meet him. He’s not specifically known as a horror writer. His vast body of work includes, travel logs, poetry, historical observations, letters, novels and short stories. His best known work is Treasure Island. With no further ado, please give it up for, Robert Louis Stevenson.

Robert Louis Stevenson

GD; “Welcome Robert, please make yourself comfortable.”

RLS; “Thank you so much for having me. My impression was you wanted to talk about my more fanciful work.”

GD; “That’s true, but I can’t begin without first telling you what an impact Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and The Black Arrow had on me as a boy. I’ve fancied myself a ‘Young Jim Hawkins’ on more than one occasion. Hiding in the apple barrel, or keeping a weather eye out for a seafaring man with one leg.”

RLS; “It’s kind of you to say sir.”

GD; “To your point, we here are most interested in your tales as they relate to the unexplained. The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde for example.”

RLS; “A most interesting tale of a good man, who in the name of science, commits atrocities.”

GD; “A doctor over reaching is certainly a recurring theme in literature. Mary Shelly’s Dr. Frankenstein is possibly the most well-known.”

RLS; “Quite, Mary’s concept of man subjugating the Creator has always been one of my favorites. How I would have relished a summer on Lake Geneva with the likes of Percy and Mary Shelly, Lord Byron, Dr. Pollidori.”

GD; “The good Doctor Jekyll creates an elixir that separates good from evil in a man. Is this a discourse on the dual nature of man?”

RLS; “Quite right, it illustrates how our good, tempers our bad, by showing what our natures are like when isolated.”

GD; “Some will point to this story as an example of an individual suffering from mental illness. Dissociative Identity Disorder, Manic Depression, Schizophrenia, and Psychosis are the most closely related diagnosis. Did you know someone who suffered from any of these illnesses?”

RLS; “Of course, we all encounter people in our lives who suffer from disorders of the brain. The earliest physicians recognized that there are illnesses that they could label, but not treat. The literary world is replete with men and women who suffer from brain disorders.”

GD; “Dr. Jekyll is not the only antagonist doctor you’ve written about. Of course I’m thinking of Dr. Toddy Macfarlane. The Body Snatcher is one of my favorite short stories. One I often read when the I’m moved to scare someone.”

RLS; “I too, am quite fond of that tale.” His broad smile reaches past his eyes lighting up the night. “‘Did you think me dead? We are not so easily shut of our acquaintance.'”

GD; “Very nice, That would be Fettes meeting up with Dr. Toddy McFarlane. I don’t suppose you could recite  the entire story for us.”

RLS; “That one in particular I could. And much of my poetry. It is important, considering in my current condition, that my faculties remain sharp. Oh, but if I could only write something from grave, the stories I could tell.”

GD; “What keeps you from it?” His countenance darkens at my question.

RLS; “There are powers to be reckoned with. Formal Federations that must be abided. They do not take kindly to one who would disregard their authority.”

GD; “We had a visitor who simply walked away from here into the world of the living. That must be against the rules.”

RLS; “Yes, quite, to remark that the regime was distressed by that act of indifference would be to understate the obvious.”

GD; “Aaah, I see those swag-bellied dandies are giving me the wrap it up sign Robert. Can you stay a while after my guests have gone?”

RLS; “I’ll stay if you can find us a bumpkin of Madeira and a pair of glasses, or until I get the hook as they say.”

GD; “I have a dry Port I’ve been saving for a special occasion.”

RLS; “That will do quite nicely.”

GD; “Wonderful, give us but a moment.” Digger clears his throat. “Folks I suggest you make your way from the cemetery while the spirits are protecting you. For those of you joining us from home, good fortune attend you until next week.”

As is our custom, I leave you with this quote.

“hark, now hear the sailors cry, smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”
― Van Morrison

I give you good day,


P.S. Debbie can be reached in all the usual places.

Curious Tales of Love, Magic and the Macabre
Dark Fiction
Twitter @DebChristiana
Facebook: Debbie Christiana author



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