Greetings and Salutations glorious readers of the blog,

Gravedigger here. I will be hosting the Friday blog from here out. Dave is currently locked securely away. His infernal interference has kept us both from being productive in anyway. For now I have him secured in the Talbot crypt. I may or may not let him out when we are through here. Still undecided. I’ve been away for some time. As you may or may not know I unbury the dead as often as I bury them. Much to my surprise not everyone appreciates my maximum service attitude. Which is why they locked in the dungeon. I have many debts that need to be paid. We’ll get to them in good time. Who said, “Revenge is a dish best served cold”? I’ll look into that for you and let you know later. Enough of the past for now.

How do you like my new digs? (pun completely unavoidable) This is a very classy cemetery. The unconsecrated ground itself is very bogy. Moss covered stone walls topped with rusted wrought iron spikes surround trees beautifully draped in Spanish Moss. Even the head stones have been canted at conflicting angles creating the perfect melancholy atmosphere. The ever present putrefaction perfumes the air reminding me of the temporary nature of our existence.

As the head grave digger I get my own residence. (Truth be told, I’m the only grave digger) it is a humble abode sitting at the end of a long plank walkway that passes over a swamp. The ever present horde of mosquitoes keep visitors away and feeds my nocturnal winged pets. Unidentifiable things slither just below the surface of the water. There are some things better left unseen.

Do you see my comfy cot in the corner over there. The wood burning stove really scares the chill away on those raw, mournful evenings. My bosses provide all the lamp oil I need, whether I’m reading in bed or working late. Best of all I’m completely autonomous. A note gets nailed to the door informing me the name of newly arriving guests and the date they’re expected. The rest is up to me.

Aside from that my time is my own. And with so many interesting dead hanging about I find myself very busy in deed. We have some very peculiar residents, whom you will get the privilege of meeting each Friday. The earliest were buried here prior to the colonies revolt against good King George giving us a rich tapestry of history.

So enough talk. let me show you around a little.










Wfullsizeoutput_88ce are now entering the oldest part of the cemetery. lucky for us there is a full moon tonight. it gets a little creepy when it is truly dark. As you can see the names have been worn away by time. Some of these old fellas still come out to chin wag on occasion.



This here is the more modern section dating to the 19th century. This angel of mercy can raise a little hell when she gets a bee in her bonnet. We don’t want to hang around here too long.
fullsizeoutput_88eThis is an interesting spot. you notice the headstones have been heaved in opposite directions within a 10 square foot area. As if the dead are pushing the lids to their coffins open six feet down. Did you hear something? Just the wind most probably. Where are you going? So soon? I guess I’ll go over and turn Dave loose now. You all take care. Don’t forget to come visit me next Friday.


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