Welcome one and all,

thI am your host today. In the interest of simplicity you may refer to me as Host. I will bring you a good many reasons to stay safely tucked into bed.

Today I would like to talk about Karma, Coincidence, or Fate if you prefer. Who among us has not experienced Dejavu? Do you have a lucky keepsake? How about a place where trouble seems to plague you more often than anywhere else. A section of a local byway where you have had near misses, minor scrapes, or worse.

If you live among commoners,or muggles, if you are a J. K. Rowling fan, you most likely pass these off as chance. You make excuses for the unexplainable. You ignore the hard evidence that an energy exists in the world that science refutes. This force can take many forms. It works for good as well as evil.

It (the force) is the niggling in your brain, “don’t take that cruise this year.” You make up reasons why you can’t go. Then it gets stranded in open water, or gets boarded by modern-day pirates. You tell your friends how lucky you are.

You are right to some extent. If you stay on its good side, you’re lucky, but if you falter, the shit storm brewing over your head cannot be avoided.

Let’s name it shall we. Destiny, sounds right until you realize that’s also the name of 30 percent of all pole dancers. As in,”And now gentlemen please welcome to the stage Destiny.” While Bob Seger’s, The Fire Inside, blasts out of the sound system.

Mojo is defined as; magic power. This sounds right to me. Mr. Mojo circulates among us endlessly. He can be playful, vengeful, and protective. All depends on how you respond in the next thirty minutes. Subscribe to this blog site within the next thirty minutes and you have a friend in the business. I will intervene on your behalf with Mr. Mojo. Don’t delay. A comment on this blog will get an upgrade to our Executive Service. Guaranteeing you results in 24 hours.

I ask you can you afford not to subscribe. Your personal information will not be sold. How many bad omens will be too many. When will bad luck turn into devastation. Is it worth the risk? Act now and receive as my gift to you, one free mention in a future Letter From The Other Side.

Are you willing to risk red wine stains on the carpet, painful corns, or financial ruin.  Enter you name and email address in the form provided. Don’t forget about the Executive Service upgrade. Leave a comment.

The Host,

I promised Dave I would leave you Quote. He is a pain in my ass, but a promise is a promise. He didn’t say it had to be uplifting.

“We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing.”
― Konstantin Jireček




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